A better direction for data privacy and compliance

DataNeutrality establishes a new paradigm for ensuring
consumer privacy and operational transparency in data
collection via mobile and the Web. A not-for-profit
organization, we create and enforce the data management,
privacy and compliance policies that govern our
independent, for-profit sister company Mezzobit.

Thanks to DataNeutrality’s continuous monitoring,
consumers — as well as customers and partners of
Mezzobit — can be sure their data is handled exactly
as promised and in full accord with best practices
for privacy and data protection.

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Who we are

DataNeutrality is an independent, not-for-profit organization created to assure privacy, transparency and compliance at its for-profit sister company Mezzobit. We will be governed by a board composed of privacy professionals, consumer advocates, digital publishers and data collectors.More about us

What we do

We set the data governance, privacy and compliance policies that Mezzobit has committed to follow. We then continually monitor Mezzobit’s operations and directly report compliance results back to their customers and the public, forming the Internet’s first “closed loop” data management platform.Learn more

How we're funded

DataNeutrality is funded under an agreement with Mezzobit to provide rule-making and compliance services for the company’s Trusted Data Interchange. As a not-for-profit, we also expect to explore alternate funding sources including foundation support and crowdfunding.Contact us