13 Mar 2014

DataNeutrality announces inaugural directors

DataNeutrality.org today announced the inaugural members of its Board of Directors who will guide its launch as an independent entity bringing a revolutionary way of thinking about Internet data.

DataNeutrality is committed to operational transparency and respect for privacy, and aims to increase awareness of the need for businesses to take control of their data. Numerous studies have shown consumer concern is on the rise regarding Internet data collection, and corporations lose billions each year to data leakage.

In addition to becoming a voice on these important issues, DataNeutrality will participate in a groundbreaking private partnership by serving as the privacy […]

28 Jan 2014

Happy Data Privacy Day: Giving Teenagers the Gift of a Digital Eraser

By Annie C. Bai, privacy attorney & DataNeutrality Privacy Fellow

It is bittersweet for me to read the buckets of attention paid to Data Privacy Day today. Thanks to the rash of recent data breaches, American adults are now viscerally aware of the dangers of hacking, stolen financial data, and identity theft. But what about our young people?

The original purpose of Data Privacy Day was to educate teens and young adults about protecting personal information online. And fortunately, regulators and major players continue to look out for the interests of our youth. This past summer, the FTC widened its children’s […]

21 Jan 2014

Target’s data breach and the meaning of Trust

 By Annie C. Bai, privacy attorney & DataNeutrality Privacy Fellow

sually, I pay attention to data breaches with all the comfortable interest of a good detective story, but the grandiose Target data breach has struck home. Two of my family’s credit cards were impacted and I had to replace one and shut down the other.

So with national Data Privacy Day looming (January 28), the Target fiasco has me thinking about trust between a business and its consumers. Trust is a matter of believing in another’s reliability. We might say that we expect a business to treat us fairly – that […]

26 Nov 2013

Lessons for Web publishers from the MasterCard privacy study

By Kevin McKean
asterCard stirred ripples in the privacy community recently with a study reporting that all consumers fall into one of five distinct online “personas,” each with a unique set of behaviors and privacy needs.

News reports tended to focus on the “find yourself in this picture” aspect of the story or its implications for holiday retailers. But the research also contained at least three key points of interest to all Web publishers, which we’ll cover here.

MasterCard’s aim in sponsoring the research was to generate information that would be useful to its bank and merchant partners. “Too many industry decisions […]

24 Oct 2013

The Many Lives of PII

By Annie C. Bai, privacy attorney & DataNeutrality Privacy Fellow

ow many definitions could there be for one short phrase?  I am not talking about Pi, the mathematical term and lead character in Yann Martel’s imaginative novel (which Ang Lee made into a movie), but “PII,” an acronym for the legal concept […]